Brooke Alexander
Owner, Brooke Alexander Editions

Will Barnet
Master Printmaker & Artist

Riva Castleman
Former Director of Prints at MOMA

Hersch Cohen
Print Collector

Joanne Greenbaum

Antony Griffiths
Keeper of Prints, British Museum in London

Jane Hammond

Felix Harlan & Carol Weaver
Master Printmakers & Publishers at Harlan & Weaver, Inc.

David Kiehl
Curator of Prints, Whitney Museum of American Art

Louis Marchesano
Curator of Prints & Drawings, Getty Research Institute

Robert Newman
Owner, The Old Print Shop, NYC

Jonathan Rendell
Deputy Chairman, Christie's New York

Robert Ross
President/Editorial Director, Art & Antiques

Kevin Salatino
Curator of Prints & Drawings, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Michele Senecal
Director, International Fine Print Dealers Association

Bud Shark
Master Printmaker & Publisher, Shark's Ink.

Kiki Smith

Donald Sultan

Susan Teller
Owner, Susan Teller Gallery

Kelly Troester
Former Head of Prints, Christie's New York , 2001–2007

Reba White Williams, Ph.D
Art Historian
Co-Founder, The Print Research Foundation

Deborah Wye
Chief Curator of Prints, MOMA